Heather was already at the top of the rock formation while Louis was still pushing himself up.

“C’mon you slowpoke” Heather taunted.

“Whatever, help me up” Louis said and reached out a to Heather.

Heather grabbed his hand and pulled up.

“Look, I’ve always loved it here” He said, gesturing the scenery below.

Louis looked around. “Yeah, It’s quite a beauty.” Louis replied. Heather sat down at the edge of the stone. Then he motioned Louis to sit beside him.

“Careful now, you might fall” heather said as he assisted Louis to his side.

Heather looked at the sun, slowly disappearing in the horizon.

“I already have.” Louis whispered a s he stared at heather’s face. Heather was smiling then turned to him. Louis have to look away because that smile always blinded him, it was like look directly at the sun at noon.

“What was it?” Heather asked.

“Nothing” Louis mumbled.

“okay” he replied. “Oh look, look!” Heather suddenly grabbed Louis by his neck and pointed at the two lover below them. Louis heart thumped, but he kept still. He glance at the lover Heather was pointing, they were cuddling. They were also in the same position as Heather and him. Then they started kissing.

“Oh” Heather blushed. Louis was tempted to kiss him, the blush on his cheek were adorable.

“Everything feels nice” Heather said trying to avoid Louis gaze.

“Nice is such an abused word.” Louis said shifting his gaze at the horizon.

“Why do say that?” Heather asked, now looking at Louis.

Louis shifted and stared at Heather. “You are nice, this moment is nice too” Louis bit his lower lip. “Your lips are nice” Louis said, moving ever slowly to Heather. Then he pinched his nose.

“Ouch.” Heather said.

“Silly, did you really think I was going to kiss you.” Louis said laughing his heart out. Hen he stood up.

“Let’s get going, it’ll be dark soon.” He reached out a hand to Heather.

Heather was still looking down. He pushed Louis’ hand. Surprised, Louis looked to see Heather’s face.

“Hey c’mon—” Louis wasn’t able to finish what he was suppose to say, Heather was kissing him. Louis warped his arms around him. Heather was a novice kisser, he thought. He slowly pushed Louis and started kissing his whole mouth. They were panting when they pulled away.

“Your kisses are nice” heather said.

Louis just smirked at him.

“I like you” Heather said.

“I like you too, silly” Louis smiled.

Another train story





He sat at seat nearest to the train door. Tired from work he instantly fell asleep. This man sleeping was someone who you’ll say a typical handsome guy, brown-skinned, has that cliché lead character hairstyle with the drop dead messiness in it, somewhat skinny but has a good built. He was altogether called a Bishie, but what enthralled her was not this things that we have just discussed.

The girl was eyeing the cute pink cupcake in his hand. Her stomach grumbling because of that blasted report she had to finish, and having to skip dinner.

As the train slowly ran its course the girl’s eye pierce through the nicely done container of the cupcake, it’s pink color slowly enticing her. Unable to contain herself, the girl poked the cupcake’s container. As if on cue the recorded voice said. “Arriving at ____ station”

The man jolted into standing, still admiring the cupcake the girl was shocked and further more she realized she was on her stop. They both left the train, embarrassed the girl Left in a hurry. Then she felt presence at her back, she continued walking fast and taking a sudden turn in an alley. Trained as a judo black belter the girl was confident she can pin down her assailant. The man followed the girl as she turns into the alley, “strange, a girl would live in a street like this” he whispered to himself.


And the girl found herself in the ground. Unable to make sense what was coming the man defended himself, in his line of work these kind of things are necessary.

“Fuwaaaaa.” The girl exclaimed.

The man, shocked by the series of event immediately took a step back. The girl was now standing and dusting off her skirt and on attack position once again.

“S-stop,” he said “I just wanted to return your student handbook”

The girl grasped realizing it was the man on the train. Still embarrassed, she wanted to run but as she suddenly turned her knees gave in to the pain of her ankles. The man rushed to the girl’s side.

“Don’t move,” he commanded “it will worsen the injury”

The girl nodded. The man gave the girl the cupcake then carried her bridal style.

“Fuwa” was all the girl can say, still bearing the pain of the ankles.

“Where to you live?” the man asked.

“Three block from here then turn right in the apartment complex” the girl told the man, still bearing an innocent mind.

“Do you have anyone living with you?” he asked


“N-no. I was only asking because you can’t attend those injuries by yourself, shall I take you to the hospital?”

“No,” the girl replied “I have my kit at home, an athlete always have one”

“Still practicing what I thought you, ne _____-chan”

The girl stared in disbelief.


This is an unexpected development, her unrequited love for 5 years has returned.

“W-when did you return, sensei?”

“A month ago, I’m teaching English in a university right now”

“Fufufu. I still suck at English no matter what, and my professors are giving me a hard time with all those reports they ask me to do ”

“What is your major then?”

“Child development”

The man laughed.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I still remember the young ____-chan back then, carelessly eating other people’s food, saying ‘someday I will marry sensei and we will build a small orphanage’ seems you’re slowly reaching your dreams”

“T-then can I have your cupcakes?” The girl said while blushing.

“Go ahead, it was given to me by some student I tutored last sem”


“We’re here”

The apartment complex where the girl lives is quite grand, coming from a family of well-breed, this should be expected.

“I still hate living alone, but there is nothing I can do. Mom and Dad are working abroad.”

The man quietly nod.

“O-oh wait, I’ll open it”

The girl opened the door, and said tadaima to the non-existent person who will say okaeri to her.

“I will prepare tea” The man said.

“Sure, it’s in the 2nd cabinet”

Her heart is now frantic. Sensei is here. He is really here. B-but what if he already has a girlfriend, orrrr Worse, he’s married! Contemplating all the possibilities, the girl sighed.

“What’s the problem? Had a fight with your boyfriend?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” The girl said silently “what about you sensei?”

The man laughed once again finding the worried faces of the girl amusing.

“No. But I’m engaged, though it’s not yet formal since I was waiting for the right time to give her the ring.”

The girl was dumbstruck, trying to recover she asked.

“W-what is she like?”

“Well, she is very cute and I find her expression amusing. She eats a lot, even others food. To be honest, She was a pest a first but I slowly realized my feelings as our friendship grew”

“Oh,” the girl replied, toying with the pink cupcake, seems like my dreams will remain as dreams” she added inaudibly.

She chomped the cupcake, forcibly putting the pitiful cupcake inside her mouth trying to ward of any sign of the enemy, depression.


“W-whut?” the girl said with her mouth full. As if something was attacking her, she held her neck.

The man, conscious of what is happening, rushed to the girls side. Quickly helping the girl to spit out the foreign object.


The man watched as the girl picked up the shiny metal, he knelt down saying.

“Will you marry me?”


Soooo, we watched a school play last wednesday.

It was entitled Dyip as what the title above states. I find it cool actually. :3 (it seems that to get through college, you will watch a lot of plays, or is it that I am studying liberal arts?) Well, it’s about some Jeepney driver (if you don’t know what a jeep is here’s a link), an old lady and two friends namely, Clara and Dexter.

They were on the Jeep on their way to SM, a mall, and the old lady was asking the two friends to pass her fare to the jeepney driver. And this is where the story revolves.

In a jeep there is one specific seat that almost all passengers want to seat, and that is where the old lady was seated. It is said to be an analogy of a public official, more specifically, The President, in one part of the play the sentiments of the lady of how everyone was looking on what she does. She does something good, she’s faking and she does something wrong, she’s a vile being. I really pity her, I dunno, I do believe that the gov’t should not be blamed of all the bad things that are happening around us, we are also at fault.

This brings me to Dexter, the one who is actively revolting against the gov’t, I really despise these rally to tell you the truth. I believe that demonstration may at times bring radical change to our corrupt and bent society, but these are also locked within the walls of our traditions that has weight down on us throughout he years. I believe that we need to first change ourselves, we need to throw attitude we have grown into which are detrimental to our society. We need to bring down the system in which we all live in and live in Utopia.

Then here comes Clara, which is what my typical self look like, someone who hates rallies and stuff but we greatly differ for she has apathy, she does no care of what shall happens in our society and believes that whatever happens nothing will ever change. What the hell is this apathy?!? Ugh, she should just… Yeah. It may be also because of the environment she grew in, so we really can not blame her for showing this attitude.

And lastly, the jeepney drayber who represents all those in labor, the one suffering most in fight against the evils in the society. I dunno whether to blame them for not having education or to blame the society for it’s indifference.


Whatever is it, i think this play is a timely piece, each and every one of us needs to contemplate.


For my prince,

I always wished for a prince charming who never comes.

A kiss that would take all my misery away.

Love that would forever be engraved in my heart,

connecting two souls hopeful.


I always wished for a lover.

A true friend.

A comrade.

A partner.


I always wished for a prince,

though I know he’ll come when my soul has withered,

though I know they only exist in fairy tales,

I wished for it with all my heart.


I always wished for a prince,

yet he broke my heart a few million times.

Shattered, I stopped.

For the prince I wished for shall never come.

He smiled at me

He smile ate me.

A smile that sent me light year away.

A smile that stunned me,

With an impact. BOOM-


He smiled at me.

I tried to smile back,

Ignoring the rapid beating of this damn muscle.

Calming my hormones raging

Trying to “go for natural”.


He smiled at me.

I tried to smile back,

I took that giant leap of faith,

hoping dreams do come true.

I approeched him

Steady, one, two-


He smile at me.

I tried to smile back,

I took that giant leap of faith.

He waved at me,

Everything warped around me,

people, things, time and space


He smile at me.

I tried to smile back,

I took that giant leap of faith.

He waved at me,

I looked back,

It wasn’t me.


He smiled at me,


He smiled at her.