New Semester.

Sooo, ugh. I decided to write a personal entry. (I know, nobody cares, nobody reads)

Well, I spent the semester break watching movies (MOVIES ARE <3), reading Manga (Hoho, if I have time i will be writing Manga reviews. SOON), and reading Novels. As you can notice, my break seems to be non-socializing (I am slowly becoming an introvert). As the days passed I got bored and more bored and most bored, IDC ’bout grammar (last sem’s Eng lessons are a nightmare) and there was nothing I can do but wait for the break to End.




The semester break was over. This week I meet not many of my profs (yes, this quantifier follows THE GRAMMAR BOOK), my professor in Eng2 which is Reading and Critical Thinking who was a woman. She was somewhat boring yet there is something in her that I somehow like her, the way she speaks in I dunno how to describe it. Then there is our Phil Lit prof who was branded one of the most terror prof in our college, T_______T and she gave us an assignment on the first day, talk about eagerness. Finally we met our Logic prof who I like after the first few minutes. He cracked jokes and yeah, it was very very very fuuuuun. ^^

The next day the only prof we met was out Economic and taxation prof, he seems to be so soft-spoken I could sleep. hihi, btw all of my prof allows eating in class. HURRAY for mi Stomach. :3

Owyeah, sooo. A friend of mine is asking me to join USTETIKA(there you have it, I am from the prestigious University of Sto. Tomas), I dunno if my writing skills are enough. :< meeeh. I wanna join but, meh.

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