Heather was already at the top of the rock formation while Louis was still pushing himself up.

“C’mon you slowpoke” Heather taunted.

“Whatever, help me up” Louis said and reached out a to Heather.

Heather grabbed his hand and pulled up.

“Look, I’ve always loved it here” He said, gesturing the scenery below.

Louis looked around. “Yeah, It’s quite a beauty.” Louis replied. Heather sat down at the edge of the stone. Then he motioned Louis to sit beside him.

“Careful now, you might fall” heather said as he assisted Louis to his side.

Heather looked at the sun, slowly disappearing in the horizon.

“I already have.” Louis whispered a s he stared at heather’s face. Heather was smiling then turned to him. Louis have to look away because that smile always blinded him, it was like look directly at the sun at noon.

“What was it?” Heather asked.

“Nothing” Louis mumbled.

“okay” he replied. “Oh look, look!” Heather suddenly grabbed Louis by his neck and pointed at the two lover below them. Louis heart thumped, but he kept still. He glance at the lover Heather was pointing, they were cuddling. They were also in the same position as Heather and him. Then they started kissing.

“Oh” Heather blushed. Louis was tempted to kiss him, the blush on his cheek were adorable.

“Everything feels nice” Heather said trying to avoid Louis gaze.

“Nice is such an abused word.” Louis said shifting his gaze at the horizon.

“Why do say that?” Heather asked, now looking at Louis.

Louis shifted and stared at Heather. “You are nice, this moment is nice too” Louis bit his lower lip. “Your lips are nice” Louis said, moving ever slowly to Heather. Then he pinched his nose.

“Ouch.” Heather said.

“Silly, did you really think I was going to kiss you.” Louis said laughing his heart out. Hen he stood up.

“Let’s get going, it’ll be dark soon.” He reached out a hand to Heather.

Heather was still looking down. He pushed Louis’ hand. Surprised, Louis looked to see Heather’s face.

“Hey c’mon—” Louis wasn’t able to finish what he was suppose to say, Heather was kissing him. Louis warped his arms around him. Heather was a novice kisser, he thought. He slowly pushed Louis and started kissing his whole mouth. They were panting when they pulled away.

“Your kisses are nice” heather said.

Louis just smirked at him.

“I like you” Heather said.

“I like you too, silly” Louis smiled.

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