Soooo, we watched a school play last wednesday.

It was entitled Dyip as what the title above states. I find it cool actually. :3 (it seems that to get through college, you will watch a lot of plays, or is it that I am studying liberal arts?) Well, it’s about some Jeepney driver (if you don’t know what a jeep is here’s a link), an old lady and two friends namely, Clara and Dexter.

They were on the Jeep on their way to SM, a mall, and the old lady was asking the two friends to pass her fare to the jeepney driver. And this is where the story revolves.

In a jeep there is one specific seat that almost all passengers want to seat, and that is where the old lady was seated. It is said to be an analogy of a public official, more specifically, The President, in one part of the play the sentiments of the lady of how everyone was looking on what she does. She does something good, she’s faking and she does something wrong, she’s a vile being. I really pity her, I dunno, I do believe that the gov’t should not be blamed of all the bad things that are happening around us, we are also at fault.

This brings me to Dexter, the one who is actively revolting against the gov’t, I really despise these rally to tell you the truth. I believe that demonstration may at times bring radical change to our corrupt and bent society, but these are also locked within the walls of our traditions that has weight down on us throughout he years. I believe that we need to first change ourselves, we need to throw attitude we have grown into which are detrimental to our society. We need to bring down the system in which we all live in and live in Utopia.

Then here comes Clara, which is what my typical self look like, someone who hates rallies and stuff but we greatly differ for she has apathy, she does no care of what shall happens in our society and believes that whatever happens nothing will ever change. What the hell is this apathy?!? Ugh, she should just… Yeah. It may be also because of the environment she grew in, so we really can not blame her for showing this attitude.

And lastly, the jeepney drayber who represents all those in labor, the one suffering most in fight against the evils in the society. I dunno whether to blame them for not having education or to blame the society for it’s indifference.


Whatever is it, i think this play is a timely piece, each and every one of us needs to contemplate.