Pink Swollen Balls

I got up the bed.

I feel  sick.

I really feel so sick that my stomach churns and makes wanna throw up all I ate for lunch. I looked at the windows and stared at the pink swollen ball which is slowly disappearing in the horizon. I really can’t understand why a lot of people want to stare at the setting sun. Same as the stars, why do people like to look at those constellations where they don’t even get paid. Why don’t they just ride spaceships fly thousand light years away and live there where they’ll burn and die.

Forgive me for questioning these things but these things never did fascinate me. I mean, nothing ever did fascinate me. This brings me to why I need to exist? Why should an absurd being like me exist? Why is my life meaningless?

My phone rang.

I stared at the caller ID. It’s him, it’s today. I fixed my things and got ready to leave. I left the call unanswered.

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